Sunday, May 31, 2009

Warid Cash Back Offer

If a prepaid zem subscriber uses any amount more than 5 Tk in a given day, the subscriber would receive bonus. Following is the list for usage criteria & bonus amount.

Usage Criteria


Tk 5

Tk 1

Tk 10

Tk 3 ( Tk. 1+Tk. 2)

Tk 20

Tk 6 ( Tk. 3+Tk. 3)

Tk 30

Tk 11 (Tk. 6+Tk. 5)

Note: The subscriber will receive bonus immediately after the usage through USSD notification.

Bonus Condition:

  • The bonus will be placed in the dedicated account (DA1)
  • Bonus will generate for usage upon the Main Account Only, not upon the usage of dedicated amount.
  • Any voice usage on BDT 0.25 tariff plan will not generate any bonus.
  • Dedicated account will be consumed first, then the main account
  • Bonus can be used for the following purpose:
    o On-net calls with tariff greater than BDT 0.25
    o Any off-net calls( Excluding ISD/EISD)
    o All SMS ( excluding international SMS)
    o All short codes ( Voice and SMS)
    o All Value added Services (Except Voice SMS)

Bonus Balance Query:

To know the bonus talk-time amount through USSD code dial *778*1# send.

Recharge your inactive Warid ZEM prepaid SIM and get 300% bonus

Recharge your inactive Warid ZEM prepaid SIM and get 300% bonus. Get connected with the best ZEM FnF feature automatically and enjoy 25paisa/minute Warid to Warid and 65paisa/minute to any mobile operators FnF call rate.


Bonus Time

Talk Time


1st Month

Within 7 days of 1st recharge



2nd Month

Within 7 days of 2nd recharge



3rd Month

Within 7 days of 3rd recharge




(500 TK Max)

(500TK MAX)

Note: Warid ZEM prepaid subscribers who were activated on or before 30th November, 2008 and didn’t do any activity from January 31st, 2009 till date will be eligible for this promotion.

Bonus Condition:

  • Bonus will be given on 1st recharge after win back.
  • 150% bonus will be given as talk time and 150% bonus as SMS.
  • 50% Bonus will be given within the first 7 days of recharge.
  • Bonus will be given over a period of three months provided that subscribes recharge at least once in every month.
  • Bonus Talk Time will be applicable for any mobile operators and bonus SMS will be available for Warid to Warid only.
  • SIM of churned subscribers will be replaced free of cost only if minimum recharge amount is Tk.100. Initially FREE SIM replacement will be given only from Business Centers.
  • Once subscriber has recharged, we will automatically migrate him/her to Zem FnF package.

Warid is offering up to to 30% bonus airtime and up to 300 SMS on every recharge!

If a prepaid zem subscriber tops up his/her zem account with Scratch-card of any denomination, he/she will simply enjoy up to to 30% bonus airtime and up to 300 SMS every time he/she recharges.

Scratch Card

Bonus Talk Time
(Any mobile operator only)

Bonus SMS
(on-net only)

Bonus Validity

BDT 50



10 days

BDT 100 and above



10 days

Bonus Condition:

  • Multiple recharge will result in multiple bonuses
  • Bonus will be valid for 10 days from the date of recharge
  • Incase of multiple recharge, the validity of bonus will be extended from date of latest recharge
  • Bonus talk time will be placed in dedicated account 1(DA1) & Bonus SMS will be placed in dedicated account 2(DA2)
  • Bonus talk time can be used as per current DA1 characteristics which is as follows:
    • Calls with tariff greater than BDT 0.25( Excluding ISD/EISD)
    • All SMS( excluding international SMS)
    • All short codes ( Voice and SMS)
    • All Value added Services (Except Voice SMS)
  • Bonus SMS can be used for on-net only
  • Bonus can't be used for FnF numbers
  • Dedicated account will be consumed first, then the main account.

Bonus Balance Query:

To know the bonus talk-time amount through USSD code dial *778*1# send.
To know the bonus SMS bonus through USSD code dial *778*2# send.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Grameenphone Good to be prepaid offer!

From May 23rd, 2009, Grameenphone adds one more reason to feel good about being a Grameenphone prepaid subscriber. By making a recharge of as low as BDT 20, all GP prepaid subscribers will be able to enjoy GP-GP calls at 49 paisa/minute only.

To avail this special benefit, subscribers will have to recharge a minimum amount of BDT 20 (within campaign period) and send an SMS "on" to 3030 the same day. This will enable the subscribers to enjoy GP-GP calls at 49 paisa/minute from 12 am (midnight) to 6 pm in the evening, i.e. 18 hours, valid for the following 3 days.

This offer is applicable for all GP prepaid products i.e. Smile, djuice, Business Solutions Pre-paid, VP, and GPPP. Subscribers can avail this offer for a maximum of 3 times during the campaign period.

For Smile, Djuice & BS prepaid, the 49 paisa offer will be applicable during 12am to 6pm and in case of GPPP and VP prepaid the duration would be 8am to 6pm. 60 second pulse will be applicable for Smile and djuice during the special hour (i.e. 12 am - 6 pm), whereas pulse for other applicable products will remain unchanged.

This offer will remain valid till 8th June, 2009.

Grameenphone Prepaid Ownership Transfer

Grameenphone has launched a new service, on November 5, 2008, for its prepaid subscribers, ‘Ownership Transfer,’ through which a prepaid subscriber can transfer ownership of his/her SIM to someone else.

Previously this service was only available to post-paid subscribers. Under the new initiative Smile M2M, Smile PSTN, djuice, and GPPP prepaid subscribers can transfer their ownership at any GP designated customer touch points (STP, GPSD, GPCF and GPC), by paying a nominal fee of BDT 50. However, barred SIMs, Business Solutions and Village Phone subscribers will not be able to transfer ownership under this campaign.

The transfer process is as follows:

  • Both the transferor and transferee will have to be present at the GP designated touch point (All STP, GPC, and GPCF & GPSD) with valid subscription papers in order to transfer ownership.
  • Touch point personnel will validate the papers. If found valid, he will ask the transferor and transferee to fill up the ownership-transfer form, along with a new subscription form (to be filled by the transferee).
  • An SMS will then be sent to 7070 from the touch points’ recognized mobile number.
  • The system will send a reply SMS: “Ownership transfer of your SIM is in process.”
  • The BDT 50 service charge will have to be paid at this point.
  • After confirmation of the papers, the system will send an SMS to the transferee: “Ownership transfer process of your number has been completed successfully.”

In order to transfer the ownership, the transferor needs to bring one passport-size photograph and the subscription paper for the SIM being transferred. The transferee needs to bring three passport-size photographs and a Photo ID Card. The transferee will also have to fill up a new subscription form.

Grameenphone, as a customer responsive company, constantly strives to stand beside its subscribers and help them stay close and safe in everything they do.